Friday, September 24, 2010

He's finally Here!!

On Monday we finally welcomed our new son into our family. I was supposed to be induced the Friday before but the hospital ran out of rooms. They also ran out of rooms on this Monday morning, but they called an hour later and said we could come on in. That was an hour of every emotion a very pregnant woman could feel! Here I am very excited to have my baby and not be pregnant anymore! His name is Spencer Holt Burnett. We didn't decide on his name until the next day, but really, if you know us, would you expect anything else?!?
Ryan was/is super excited to have a baby brother. Do you see how is is pretty much just taking Spencer out of Rich's hands? We really have to keep a close on that kid. At least Spencer is VERY loved!
Spencer was 9.9 lbs!!!! I was not expecting to have such a large baby, but I guess that is what happens when you are about a week over due! He was 20 3/4 inches long and couldn't be more perfect. He has red hair and quite a bit of it too!

I am SO grateful to have my mom here with us. She has helped us out more than she will ever know and I was just glad to have my mom close! It is hard to have babies away from family! Thank you mom for your love, support and help! We love you!

Proud daddy!
He's huge isn't he?!
They love their baby brother

The boys

Now, he is quite a bit swollen and even by the next day he wasn't quite as thick, but still pretty big!

Ready to go home!

Welcome to our family Spencer! We love you so much already and can't wait to watch you grow and learn.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Sam!

Well, my baby girl is 6 years old now! I can't believe it! Am I old enough to have a 6 year old?!? She was a beautiful baby and she is a beautiful girl now. I am so thankful to have her in our family. Everyday she brings so much joy and laughter into our home. She is a great big sister and I love her very much!!
This year it was a mermaid cake...too bad we don't know anyone here to come over and help us eat this massive thing!

I'm pretty sure Grandma has never had a mermaid for a birthday cake before!! We are very blessed to have my mom here with us for a little while. Her birthday is tomorrow so September will just be our month of birthdays! (I am writing this post today because I should be in labor but am not!!) We love you too grandma and are very blessed to have you with us!
Happy Birthday to two of my favorite girls in the world!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The County Fair

Ever since I was little I was always loved the fair. Now growing up in Washington, you can't beat the Puyallup Fair, but it always fun to go and support your county fair, and spend way too much money. You can't go to the fair without milking a fake cow, right?! ;-)

Ryan really wanted a horsie ride and the carousel was perfect for him. Rich had to go on with the kids though because the man wouldn't let me's a carousel?!?! I don't think it's going to put me into labor!

Sam really wanted to go on a roller coaster and so did Ryan. This one let them on without an adult (so we didn't have to waste more tickets obviously) and they were thrilled. Look how excited Ryan is to go on his first roller coaster....

This is after the ride...Ryan is all smiles now because I wish I had gotten a good picture of him on the ride. His huge smile quickly turned into terrified tears. He was really shaken up when the ride stopped and he said he never wanted to do that again. Once again, he surprised me!

Enjoying the country concert at the end (the kids mostly just weren't quite ready to go home, even though it was 10 pm!).

And I love when evenings end as blissfully as this...doesn't he look like an angel?! And yes, he really is asleep!

Devils Den

Before school started we decided to get out and see some nature around us. Rich found this place call "Devils Den" which is a man-made dam that was made to also be a beautiful waterfall. Well, the water was still too low (we will have to try back in the spring) so there was no waterfall; just a "lake" on the top. So we decided to go for a canoe ride. I still cannot tell this story without chuckling to myself...and this just proves how awesome parents we are! :-) Okay, so we put the kids in the canoe first (our first mistake). They were both crying and screaming because it was rocking and they were terrified that they would fall in the water. Then I tried to get in (mind you I am 8 months pregnant at the time). I step in and realize that as the canoe slightly moves away from me that I cannot stretch that far; I am in pain and cannot get back onto the dock (meanwhile, both kids are both still in the canoe screaming) and I also cannot stop laughing! (I know, I am an awesome mom!) So then Rich finally helps me back onto the dock where we decide that I am going to have crawl in...someone really should have been videotaping this. So we all finally get settled into the canoe and things start to calm down, but it took Ryan quite a while to stop crying. This is him sitting me....
Sam was actually the brave one here and she loved it...Ryan was nervous the whole time which was really shocking to us.

But then we went swimming and Ryan was back to his old self. He loves the water!

All-in-all, it was a good day. I love it when I get to spend the whole day with my family.