Monday, February 28, 2011

February is really gone?!

Is February really over? We really didn't do too much this month other than staying at home and trying to stay entertained. It took until about half way through this month to finally have a full week of school since we came back from Christmas! We got quite a bit more of snow than they are used to here I guess and the own town just shuts down. This one storm gave us about 18 inches in one night! Crazy! I have never seen that much snow at one time before!
With so many snow days to make up, Sam had to go to school on Presidents Day, she will be going to school this SATURDAY! and they added a week and a half of school in June!
This is what the kids woke up to on Valentines Day. They loved it!
Now you can see how cramped the kids are in their room...all three in there and hardly any room to play! The room is so cramped it really didn't take that many balloons to fill it up! I am excited to someday give them so more room to play and actually be able to play with their toys (half of them are packed up in the storage unit anyways).

My love bugs!
Ryan showing off his muscles...aren't they huge?!
It is amazing that it has taken us 3 1/2 years to go to the ER with this boy! He some how smashed is finger in his dress, and split open his finger and nail. Luckily he didn't need stitches though, and was such a tough boy!

Spencer turned 5 months old this month! I can't believe how big he is and how fast he is growing! He is such a happy baby and loves to smile and anyone who looks at him. I feel very blessed to have such a good baby; quiet and happy. He still wakes up twice in the night, most nights but for the most part, he is great!