Monday, March 9, 2009

Is this a good idea or a bad idea?

Okay, so Rich and I were watching the news last night and apparently over on the Florence beach, a dead whale has washed up and authorities are not sure how to handle the situation. And apparently this hasn't happened since the 70's, when things did not turn out so well. The best part about the news cast we watched last night was the commentator...he was so monotone and matter-of-fact. "In 1970 another whale washed upon the florence beach and they decided to blow it up..." Rich and I could not stop laughing!!!!! Now, this may be disturbing to some and if you are at all nervous about seeing and 8 ton whale blown up, do not watch this clip. How in the world they thought that this was a good idea is way beyond me, but we went to bed laughing so hard last night that I had to share it! This is the video of the 1970 newscast...

...I think it is mostly hilarious that these people were there watching and it never occured to them that they might get covered in whale flubber...I hope that the state of Oregon is a little smarter this time around and can think of another solution to this problem.

I apologize if this grossed anyone out, or now think that I am weird for finding this hilarious!