Monday, April 13, 2009

Pear Blossom Run

Rich and his two brothers decided to run the 10 mile Pear Blossom Run this Easter Weekend together down in Medford. His brother Peter had been training and talking smak so that motivated Rich to actually "train" to beat his brothers. The week before the race Rich and Peter were on the phone three night in a row discussing the race, their strategies, and how it "didn't matter who won". Well, the race started at 8:30 in morning Saturday and the guys were pumped.
Here is Rich at the 2 mile marker.

Here we are waiting the half way point...the kids look thrilled to be there don't they? We really did have fun running around trying to catch a glimpse at the guys though! Great Grandma Lee also did a great job keeping up with us! What a trooper!

And here Rich is, at the half way point

Here are the guys after the race...they are even still standing and smiling!

Rich was able to pull through at the end of the race and cross the finish line before the other two brothers, but they really all three had great times!!! We are so proud of the three of them! I'm pretty sure all three of them had personal bests. Way to go guys!! I'm really proud of you!

Here the kids are watching the Pear Blossom Parade...the parade of tractors, horses and school marching bands. At least there was some candy! We had a great weekend!!

We were able to spend Easter with family down in Medford. We had a great time!! The kids loved having two uncles to play with them constantly...I don't think Ryan has ever gotten that much attention and he loved it! I have to say that they both looked pretty darn cute and ready to go to church! Going to church with family is one of my favorite things, especially when my sister-in-law is doing a solo. It was absolutely beatuiful and brought the spirit into the meeting so well.
Easter is such a special holiday and is very close to my heart. I love my Savior so much and am so greatful for the sacrafice that He made for me. Now because he sacraficed himself and rose from the dead, I can now have the opportunity to be with my family together forever, living with our Savior in Heaven. There truly is no other greater blessing than that. Happy Easter everyone! We love you all!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Our Utah trip

For Spring Break we took a trip to Utah to visit family and so that Rich could work on his Thesis. We had a great time in the sun while it was sunny and in the snow while it was snowy. We decided to leave on Wednesday, as soon as Rich got out of class. This is what happens when I am left to pack everything up...and our kids get a little neglected....

Doesn't he just look so happy and proud of himself?!?

Since we decided to leave in the middle of the day, we planned on stopping somewhere along the way since it is a 13 hour car ride. However, the kids were doing so well and we both felt okay that we just kept on driving. Why is it that when you plan on kids sleeping through the night, they never do? But they were actually happy so it worked out just fine...just a little strange to go into a gas station at 3 am with two kids who were wired and as happy as can be...I'm sure we looked like EXCELLENT parents!! But we pulled into my parents house at 5:30 and had a great stay.

We could not have planned this trip any better because we were able to go to the dedication of the Draper, Utah temple. What a wonderful experience that was. The ceremony was beautiful and we were just around the corner from where the Prophet was. I felt so blessed to be there and that I could be there not only with my wonderful husband, but with my parents as well. It was perfect.

We were able to go the zoo with cousins, I scrapbooked with my sisters for almost 3 days straight (thanks girls! That was awesome!! By the you have any idea what our kids were doing during that?!? I don't!), I got to see my old roommates, we had lunch with a couple of my high school friends, and Rich did get a lot of work done! My favorite quote of the week however was said by my wonderful husband, "What are the odds that we are here during the scrapbooking expo?!?!" Like I said, we could not have planned this trip any more perfectly! Here are just a few pictures of the week.

Sam and Aubrey had a great time together!

My brother Steve and his son Miles

Apparently, Ryan told Papa that he was hungry, and this is what he entire brat! Nice dad! Thanks!

This is actually a waterfall that we stopped at on the drive home...we had to hike over the snow a little bit, but it was beautiful! Rich and I actually visited this same waterfall while we were is amazing how things can change in 5 1/2 years! But it has been a fanastic 5 1/2 years!