Saturday, June 27, 2009

Last weekend we went on a camping trip down to Winchester Bay, OR. It is beautiful down there and we had a great time on the beach.

I am not sure how it happens, but it seems that every time we start a vacation, or get to some place fun, one or both of my kids have to get hurt, right off the bat. Well this trip was no exception. No one was hurt fortunately, but there were tears shed. As soon as we got to the beach we were letting the water come over our feet and the kids were loving it. Then Sam got a little more brave and let go of my hand to get closer to the water with her cousins. That is when she fell in, then I let go of Ryans hand to try and rescue Sam, so then Ryan fell in the water too and here I am (looking like the mother of the year by the way) trying to decide which child to rescue first! Don't's all on video with my brother-in-law laughing the whole way through!

I am super proud of Sam though...she just stood up, and ran to where the water couldn't reach her...and there they both stayed for the remainder of our trip!

I love to see footprints in the sand!

These girls had so much fun together!

This reminded me of the boat my family used to have when I was a kid...every time we took out on the Pacific, it would die! Good times!

Gotta love smores for breakfast!! yum yum!!

flying a kite with Grandpa Burnett

Ryan loved getting so much attention for his aunt and uncle and cousins! He kind of went through withdrawls when we got home!

"Ah...romantic!" (This is Rich's parents)

That was a fun diaper to change!!

We had a great time with our family and let me tell you...this is the family to camp with because the food was excellent!! We were having such a great time with our family that we got talked into going down to Medford for Sunday instead of going home. We of course were not prepared to go to church so we were borrowing clothes from various people, but I think aside from Rich's hiking boots with Andy's slacks, my flip flops and Ryans shorts, we didn't look too bad. Thanks guys for the wonderful weekend! It was fantastic!!