Thursday, August 6, 2009

Another trip to Utah

We were fortunate enough to be able to make it out to Utah this summer for the 4th of July. My entire family was there so we had a blast. We haven't all been together for quite some time and it was so good to be together again. We had planned on being there for a week, and Rich would work as much as he could on his thesis, but by the end of the week we decided to stick around as long as it would take for him to finish it up. So, a month later we came home. Our kids had a great time with their cousins, grandma, grandpa, aunts and uncles. Here are just a few of the cute pictures I took.
I think Ryan spent at least 1/2 the time in his swim suit. He would wake up in the morning and ask to put it on...and when it was time to take it off he was NOT happy!!

Ready for church

Doesn't this look fun? We have 14 grandkids now...well actually 15 as of yesterday! Welcome to the family Collin Bryant Dupree!! Welcome to the CRAZINESS!!! All 15 are under the age of 7.
starting from top left: Aubrey (7), Taylor (5), Kyle (4), Evan (5), Samantha (4), Morgan (4)
Landon (1), Talmage (3), Sydney (3), Hailey (2), Ryan (2), Miles (1)
Megan (1), Layla (6 months).
Let me tell you, if you ever go to my parents house and we are all probably want a pair of ear plugs!! Thank you Brett, Rich and Jason for watching the kids one day so the moms could have a break!!
These two are the best of friends. They are only a month apart and absolutely adore each other. We just wish we lived closer to them!

What is a trip to Utah without a trip the Hogle Zoo?!!?

Papa gives the best horsie rides!

I made a treasure map for the kids to find with the story that while they were at swimming lessons, my friend "Captain Jack" came by and was being chased my some other pirates. He hid he treasure somewhere and must have dropped his map on the way out. The kids had a lot of fun with it and so did I!
I was able to see some of my friends while there. I wasn't able to see all my friends, and I don't have a picture of my other two great girlfriends that came to visit me. I love you girls! Thanks for being such amazing friends through the years!

I love parades, and the Draper Parade never disappoints! I think we got 2 or 3 bags full of candy (not little bags, grocery bags!). The kids had a blast, even in the heat!
My sister and I found these goggles and the kids loved each having a pair. Ryan and Hailey looked AWESOME in them!
I swear I have a picture of Sams cousin Jenna in a blue hoodie just like this and I am pretty sure she looks just like Sam (in this picture at least). Crazy how kids can look so similar in families!

Thank you to Uncle Mark and Aunt Judi for the use of your firepit. The smores were delicious, even if they don't look that appetizing on Ryans face and hands!

We also went up the canyons for hot dogs and smores. I love the beauty of Utah and that you can drive just 15-20 min. and be up in the mountains enjoying nature. This picture was taken at the beginning of the evening. By the end of the night, the kids were filthy from playing in the dirt. It looked like they hadn't bathed for weeks! I don't even want to know how much dirt Ryan ate just by eating food with such filthy hands! Oh well! They had fun!
Thank you mom and dad for allowing us to move in for a month and putting up with us. We had a great time and made some great memories! We love you all!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

He did it!!!

Rich has been working on his masters degree for 4 years now and this summer he finally knocked it out of the park! He has worked so hard on it and devoted so much time. I am so proud of him and am so grateful for him. Rich is so dedicated to his work and our family and I love him so much!! Way to go Rich!!! We are all proud of you!! Now this last year of Law school should be a breeze!