Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Christmas Time 2011

This year we moved right before Christmas. We decided it was time to leave Arkansas and do what was best for our family. We were incredibly sad to leave AR, and our friends, but we know we made the right decision for our family. Thank you to all our friends that were such great friends to me, and my family. You will always be remembered and loved!!
So we made it to Utah just in time for Christmas, and we had a great time with family. In my family (the Holt side) we do most of our celebrating on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is mostly just a relaxing day enjoying our time together. So everyone came over for our big feast while telling the kids that we will "eventually" get around to opening the gifts..."after dinner...after all the dishes are done...after we do a little program...alright!! It is time!!"

It is so nice to be with family again!! I will greatly miss the family and friends we left behind though and hopefully it won't be too long before we get to see them again soon too!

This year, the girls planned a little program. Orginally, Aubrey wrote a play for all the kids to do, but due to some anxiousness to get to the presents, they decided that that would take too long and decided to go with plan B. All the kids took turns performing a song for everyone. It was beautiful! Aubrey and Samantha sang, "Joy To the World"

Ryan and Samantha sang "Stars Were Gleaming"

Every year, my incredibly talented mother hand sews matching pajamas for all of her grandchildren. There are 17, with one on the way. And every year the kids LOVE them and every year they turn out fabulous!!

I made this quilt for Rich this is unfinished with pins in it more great bonus about living with my mom now...she can "help" me finish it. :-)

This year, Rich and I were down in the basement and I didn't want the kids to come down stairs and see things without me knowing so...I blocked off their room (they were all having a sleepover in one room). I thought for sure it would either keep them in or I would hear them having a great time breaking through...

It didn't work. They ALL crawled through the bottom (because that is what they thought they were supposed to do!). Silly kids! :-) But they did all come straight down to the basement to get me before they did anything else!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas this year. We did! I love my family and I Love my Savior. We are all so blessed to be able to celebrate his birth and His life!

Hey Santa!!!

It is very serious business to tell Santa what you want for Christmas and cannot be taken lightly. Sam knows this! :-)

Spencer on the other hand...didn't quite warm up to Santa. Maybe next year!

Ryan didn't know what he wanted Santa to bring him, and we eventually just decided that Santa knows what he wants and will like whatever he brings him. Nice! Thank you Ryan! :-)

Ryan and his buddy Jack. We will miss Jack and his little family!

Lights of the Ozarks

Every year the square in Fayetteville put on the "lights of the Ozarks". It is beautiful. We had a wonderful evening together as a family looking at the lights and enjoying the holiday season. I love my family with all my heart and are so grateful for them!

Have we ever mentioned we are in Razorback country?!?! ;-)

Thanksgiving of Pies!

The weather for Thanksgiving was beautiful!! We were able to play outside and really enjoy each other! This year we decided to go to Rich's sisters house for Thanksgiving in Nashville so that we could participate in "Thanksgiving of Pies". This is a tradition that Richs's cousins have started with their family and who were traveling to TN from D.C. We knew we had to be a part of this. You can read and see more about this here: and here: (I mainly do that because I am lazy and Ashley did a wonderful job on her own posts!). We had a great time with family and are so glad we took that chance to be with them one last time before we moved away and who knows where we will go next! Little Leo

Thanks Phillips for a perfect were amazing hosts, as always!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Just some random ones

If Sam keeps loosing her teeth she won't have any left!!!

Baking Soda "volcanoes"...good entertainment for an afternoon!

Just playing around...

We went over by the stadium to watch/listen to the last home game of the year...go razorbacks!


Alright, so we are a little behind...

We are finally catching up a little on our blog, but no promises to get and stay completely caught up...that may be asking a bit too much from me! :-) Back in October the kids and I finally made our way to the pumpkin patch. Rich wasn't able to join us because he was focusing all his attention to finishing his thesis, but we had a great time together anyways.

It just isn't Fall for me until you go to the pumpkin patch and take cute pictures of my kids! They are cute aren't they?! ;-)

My adorable boys!!

And my wonderful Daughter! I couldn't be more blessed!