Thursday, January 22, 2009

A little glimpse of January

Even though January isn't over yet, I just thought I would post some pictures of our month...we didn't do much, but sometimes it is fun to just stay at home. I tried to be a little more creative this month, and I by no means got even close to being at the same level as some of you other moms, but at least I am taking baby steps right?

I guess not every kid enjoys playing with boxes...
Samantha and Ryan had a camp out. The tent
was on couch, and the this was their campfire.
They were both perfectly content on pretending,
but when it came time to roast the marshmallows,
pretend ones just wouldn't cut it!

Sam has never been a real adventuresome girl, I usually say
that she has a little bit too much of her Grandma Holt in her.
But today she decided to climb to the top of the jungle gym thing
at the park. She was scared, but she got to the top and was so
proud of herself! I love it when she tries new things and
actually follows through to the end!

Sam just playing in her room

This is one of our edible crafts that we attempted...
why do things always look so much better in the
pictures?!?! Anyways, these chocolate dipped pretzel
snowman tasted good at least!!

Yummy!! Sugar!!!!!!!!!!!

Another edible craft, donut snowmen...Daddy was really
enjoying all these crafts we were doing! However, they are
definitely not going to help us loose any weight!
Ryan loves to dance to music and I thought I would give him
some music that we haven't used ( I can't remember the last
time I listened to NSYNC,) but it has a good beat for a one year
old to dance to! I love to watch him dance, and he can go for a
long time! He's got some good moves! Sam might have inherited
my talent for dancing however! Sorry babe!

As you can probably guess, we love music in our family, and

we love to dance to it (well, the kids do) and also their grandpa.

I love to watch me kids interact with their grandparents and I think

it is even more important to document that interaction. So, here is a

clip of my kids with one of their grandfathers.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bumbleride Twin stroller

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ryans first real haircut

Okay, I've noted that for the future, suckers and his bottle do not work when giving him a haircut! Poor guy...but least he looks sharp now! Thanks Aunt Laurel!

Arizona Christmas cont'd

Okay, so I am still trying to figure this blogging stuff out, so I am sorry that everying is in reverse order, and definitely not in the format I would like, but I'm not going to spend any more time on this.

Even though were in Arizona for 10 days, and in Central Point for a couple days before that, we feel like the time flew by, and we wish we could have had more time with family. We were sad that we couldn't be together with our entire family, both Rich and I's, but we were thrilled to be able to spend time with those that were there. Thank you Schafers, Burnetts, and Sabey's for making this a very memorable Christmas. We love you all.

There is a reason why we don't wake Ryan up....he tends to get very grumpy. That is why he took a break from present opening Christmas morning and took a nap. (The phrase "Back off Jackson" comes to mind, with a certain other name attached to it...AKA RICH) We resumed later that day, eventually. He is small enough still that it didn't matter much to him anyways.
Ryan loved all the presents that he recieved...thank you to all our family that loves to spoil our children...and they really are spoiled! And the kids are sporting their new PJs made with love by their Grandma Holt. They both looked absolutely adorable and the other kids were jealous when Samantha and Ryan were the only kids to open a present on Christmas Eve. Thanks mom for giving me a reason to be able to import a little of the Holt ways of Christmas into the Burnett ways.

This year was really fun with Samantha. With all the Christmas hype, we still tried to teach her the true meaning of Christmas. However, we knew that we had somewhat failed when she was asked to give the dinner prayer a day or two before Christmas and proceeded to tell Heavenly Father what she would like Santa to bring her. It was truly a moment that makes a mother look good!! In the list she included a My Little Pony DVD that I knew I wasn't getting her, (I wasn't sure about Santa), but Aunt Monica and Uncle Steve pulled through with that. She was absolutely thrilled!!! Thank you guys!

Decorating Santa's cookies, with a few tastes here and there

Ryan trying to get to as many sprinkles as possible

Cousins enjoying the crafts that Aunt Laurel is so good to plan

What a happy family

An Arizona Christmas

Thanks to a very generous and amazing family, we were able to fly to Arizona this year for Christmas. The kids loved being on the plane and very quickly won over the hearts of the flight attendants.
Aside from starting the vacation tired and ending it very tired, we had a great time. At times it was true "Burnett Madness", but there wouldn't be any excitement without it, right? The kids ran wild for the most part and it was so much fun to watch them all play together so well, whether they were older or younger. Samantha loved having a constant playmate, and Ryan just wanted to be where ever the other kids were, even though he wasn't always wanted...poor kid.