Monday, July 11, 2011


I can't seem to go very long without making a trip to see family. The 11-12 hour drive is SO worth it to see my brother and sister-in-law and laugh with them, to see the kids play together (they are all best friends, I LOVE it!) and to make it even better, my parents were there too! Even Spener and Delayne are going to be best friends

I'm not exactly sure who thought it would be a good idea to go to a baseball game when it was about 95 degrees outside plus major humidity, sitting in the sun. But we went...I think the kids lasted about 5 min. before they were complaining so much that we ended up just taking them up to the playground and that is pretty much where we stayed until the end of the game. I think the guys got to watch a little bit of the game though...oh well.

Didn't you know? "Burnett's, Always your favorite" (apparently, it a kind of vodka?)

best friends

He knows he's cute!

We love any chance we can get to spend time with Grandma and Papa!

the "Bat"

After the game was over, the kids got to run the bases. They had a great time, but I don't think any of them actually touched the bases

The next day was my dads birthday and we spent the day at the zoo. I forgot my camera that day (Lisa, could I get some of those pics?), but we had a great time. Happy Birthday Dad! Spencer was so tired after that day that he just fell asleep on the couch. Look how big he is!!!!

The rest of May

May was a fun month. We got to go to Rich's FINAL graduation, Ryan turned 4 years old, we got to visit family (see next post), and we got to go to the Gentry Safari. This picture below if one of my favorite times of the day...BEDTIME!! The kids love to read books and love to read with Daddy at bedtime. Spencer always love to get in on the action too.

Spencer was 8 months old in May, I can't believe how fast he is growing and learning new things. At 8 months, Spencer is saying "momma", he got his first tooth, has been crawling for a while now (started at 6 months) and is always happy. I don't think there has really been a single picture that I have taken that he hasn't had a huge grin on his face (besides the pictures I've taken with Ryan tackling him).

Sam had a field trip to the Gentry Drive through Safari and we were able to go together as a family. It was a lot of fun. They have a lot of exotic animals there, big and small, and a petty zoo too.

This Kangaroo has a joey in it's cute.

The Kangaroos were so friendly and let all the kids pet them and jump with them.

I CANNOT believe that this is my daughter, but she did it not once, but twice actually! Crazy girl! We spent most of the day there with her class and then headed out to Kentucky to visit my brothers family. We were tired by the end of the field trip and then had a 11 hour drive ahead of us, but it was worth it! I've got to see family every once in a while!

catch up

Back in May we went over to Rich's school to take some fun pictures. I am so blessed to have such wonderful, beautiful kids.

There is no question that these kids LOVE and adore their daddy!