Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Two weeks

These past two weeks have been great. I am so thankful that we have Spencer in our family and that Samantha and Ryan adore him also. So far, three kids really haven't been too bad, but keep in mind I was spoiled to have my mom here for about a week after he was born, and Rich has been able to be home quite a bit too. Spencer is a really good baby so far. He sleeps a lot and eats a lot and that is about it. He is our first child that likes to be swaddled, and he sleeps a lot longer and better in the night when he is. It must have something to do with being overdue, so he is more accustomed to being up in a ball. I just have to thank my mom. I love her so much and am so grateful that she was able to come all the way out to Arkansas and be with us. I know you don't think you did much mom, but we wouldn't have made it without you. We love you and miss tons already. (Sam ran to her room and cried on her bed for 20 min. after you left!)
(and yes, Ryans knight helmet is pretty much a 24-hour a day thing...if you call him Ryan he will usually correct you and say, "I'm not Ryan...I am prince Phillip!")

Rich took the kids down to watch the end of the big game against Alabama...Arkansas lost and the kids were really upset.

This is Spencer at one week old. I think he is pretty adorable!

We have never had a child that had so many facial expressions so early. A lot of the times, we find ourselves just watching him because he is always doing something different with his face.
Gotta love the grandpa pants...
I am still trying to figure out who he looks like. Some days he really looks like Ryan did, and other days I can't put my finger on it....any thoughts?
And isn't it amazing how fast they change? I think Spencer already looks so different from when we were at the hospital.
Ryan absolutely adores his brother. I get nervous to take showers without Rich home because Ryan loves him so much it can get dangerous. But Spencer is going to learn how to be TOUGH!

Sam loves her brother too. Any time he cries she always says, "do you think he wants me to hold him to make him feel better?"

I am so blessed to have such wonderful, beautiful happy kids. And also to have such a loving, supportive and helpful husband. I couldn't ask for anything more.