Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just ONE reason why I love my husband!

When we moved to PA, my mom bought be a sewing machine. She said, "Here, you may need this" (Thinking to herself, "now you can't bring things up to me every weekend to fix anymore...haha"). I said to myself "what do I need that for!?!". Well, needless to say I have finally found a desire to learn how to do something new and sewing came to mind. I let the kids pick out some fabric, I bought a pattern, thread, elastic and let it sit on the counter for a week or so until I got up the courage to start. All I have to say is, Thanks mom for your patience and for explaining everything to me over the phone so I could understand. Not too bad for my first experience...just don't look to closely! :-) At least the kids like them!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

For one last hurrah before Rich starts school again, we went out the coast and had a blast! Even though it rained (a lot!!!) the kids had a great time and so did we. This has been an awesome vacation with Rich and none of us want it to end! We love you Rich! I guess we will see you in May! :-)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Here are few more pictures from our Christmas vacation. We really didn't do too much away from the house, but the kids had a blast just with each other! What would Christmas be without a ginerbread house?!? I am not sure that even half the candy got onto the house however....
My kids don't get to play in snow very often where we live so they really enjoyed it while we were there! Sometimes we even have to put them to work with so much snow!

This is our attempt to perform the nativity story. The kids really enjoyed it. I went around my parents house and found random things to use as costumes....I especially love the pink sequends on the angels! (Did you know that there were two, and one wore a bakers hat?!)

Sammy and Morgan are the best of friends! Here they are making their candy train.

My mom makes matching pajamas for all the grandkids every year. Every year the kids LOVE them. They turned out great again this year mom! Thanks for all of your hard work! We all love you! This year, Papa even got matching pants!

These girls looked adorable in their curlers!! It brought back memories when my two sisters and I used to sleep in curlers!

Sams hair turned out beatiful! You could tell she felt beautiful just by watching her walk past you. She would sway her hips and hair and then ask you..."Don't you love my hair?" She is gorgeous! There is no doubt about that!

All three of these girls are gorgeous!!!

Rich really enjoyed the snow too. He was out there all day long...even after our own kids went in for hot cocoa!

Aunt Cameo is awesome!! We really enjoyed spending New Years with you and Uncle Allen.

Cameo played a couple of songs for Sam to sing with her. It was beautiful to listen to!
We truly are blessed to belong to such an amazing family. This was an awesome vacation and we didn't want it to end!!