Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Addition to the Family!

On Monday we welcomed a new little girl into our family and she is absolutely perfect. My brother and sister-in-law named her Layla Rae. She was 3 weeks early but other than a little excess billirubin she is doing really well. Her two older brothers love her very much and I can't wait to see how my big brother handles having a little princess of his own! I can't wait to meet you Layla.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rich's first hair me!

A couple of weeks ago, we were talking with our family out in Nashville on the webcam and our brother-in-law asked Rich..."So Rich, are you growing your hair out?" So needless to say, Rich was in dire need of haircut! We have been saying for a long time that I should just start cutting his hair because it would save so much money, but have never actually done it. Well, after that comment on his hair we decided that something needed to be done. So I went out and bought a set of clippers, thinking that that night I would cut Rich's hair. But, almost two weeks later, it still hadn't been done. I kept asking him, but I just don't think he was quite ready. He was sure he could wear hats to class, just in case but it took some mental preparation for this potential upset. Disclaimer: I have NEVER cut anyones hair before! So Rich had reasons to be nervous. But I was excited, this was going to be fun.

The other night Rich finally broke down at 10 pm and asked me if I was ready. And here are the results. You can't see Rich's wings in the before picture very well but just take my word for it...his hair was bad!
During: (There were a couple times that I really got scared that I was going to have to get Rich a buzz!)

Yeah me! Not to bad!!!!!!!

Happy Valentines Day....Kirby?

Well, I hope everyone had a fun and romantic Valentines Day! As for us, well....let me tell you about it!
So since it was Valentines day I decided ot try to make it a little special for the kids. We had pink heart pancakes for breakfast, which they still ate even after digging into their goody bags when they first woke up!
We then got ready for the day and Daddy left for school while the kids and I headed off to a thrilling trip to Wal-mart! An hour and half later we came home and Rich was actually back home already (which was a surprise).
For the rest of the afternoon Rich and I worked on scholarship applications while they kids napped and entertained themselves. And since Rich was actually home for dinner I decided to cook something really good instead of the frozen pizza we were going to have. And this dinner was definitely restaurant quality. Little did I know however, we would have a dinner guest for dinner. We recieved a knock on the door...a company offering free carpet cleaning. Now, sometimes I forgot that things are never free...I know, I really should know better. So I (thinking, "yeah! Free carpet cleaning!") let this guy in and of course we then had to listen to his demonstration and selling pitch. He joined us for dinner since he hadn't eaten anything all day long and then started his pitch. By the way, I should mention, he entered our house at 6:15 or so.
By the time he was finally finished with his demonstration, which included getting cobwebs from the ceiling, vaccuming the living room multiple times, our kitchen floor, and yes, even our mattress...each time showing us how filthy we are, it was a quarter to nine! He finally packed up his stuff and after we assured him that no, we could not buy his $3000 vacuum at this time, he went outside to wait for his boss to come back and pick up him. (There was a group of these guys down here from Salem).
So, I apologized to Rich and we got the kids in bed. I then decided to go out and check the mail. And guess who was still outside waiting in the guessed it! I told him he could come back in a wait, but he said it would be just another minute or two. Five minutes later there was a knock on the door, and we welcomed this complete stranger back into our home. His ride would apparently "be a while". His ride finally came at 10 pm.
Then Rich went back to the computer to finish up his scholarship applications while I watched TV, waiting for my side of the bed to be cleared of all his paperwork. I finally gave up after the carpet cleaning smell made me sick to my stomach. So I then said "good night" and "Happy Valentines Day", while Rich continued working until 3 am. But hey, our carpet is clean!
So, while some of you went out and had a romantic evening spending money with your spouse, just could have stayed home and got your carpet cleaned for free! What is more romantic than that?!
Anyways, here are some cute pictures of the kids.

Our wreath for the front door

Why do we even buy toys? Just go play in the kitchen!

Sam's invitations for her little Valentines Day party

Sam waiting for her party to start

My little love bugs

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Welcome to the Fam

Well it has now been a week and a day that a new member joined the ranks. Isaac Darrell Phillips was born last friday in TN. We are thrilled to have a new little guy in our family and he (like the rest of the family) is absolutely adorable!! We can't wait to someday meet you! Congrats and we love you guys!