Friday, February 26, 2010

Just Random Pics

Ryan makes the funniest faces sometimes and I can never catch them in pictures! He is always making me laugh....most of the time I just can't resist kissing his cute little cheeks!
My Beautiful Samantha!!

The other day Rich called Ryan "kid" and Ryan responded "I'm not a kid...I'm a kiddo, or babe". I guess I use those words a lot with him! ;-)

Ryans new favorite thing to do...hey, if it entertains him right now, I am okay with cleaning up a little water (usually more than a little though!).

My big boy!!

I am so proud of Ryan! He is now officially potty trained and is doing incredibly well!! He is so happy to be a "big boy" now and LOVES his new lightning mcqueen slippers he earned when he filled up his potty sticker chart. The other day he did something (can't remember what he did) but he came up to me in the kitchen and told me and then said "you're proud of me right mommy?". Yes Ryan, I am always proud of my big man!!

He is showing us how fast he can run with lightning on his feet!

Lightning McQueen Rescue!

It was a group effort to rescue lightning mcqueen, and I enjoyed the show!

Yahoo!! We did it!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Well yesterday was Valentines Day and as Samantha would say "We had a great day today!". It was a good day. I recieved beautiful pink roses and the kids got their own little treats! But someday Valentines Day is never quite as much fun when you are pregnant and sick! We didn't go out on a special dinner Saturday night because what was the point in going on and spending the money when I couldn't really enjoy it and most likely won't keep it down! But Rich did want to do something for me and felt like I needed some "protein" so he went out and brought some Outback steaks home for us. It was perfect, enjoying good food at home, being able to eat as SLOW as I wanted! :-) And we didn't have to deal with the crowds! Thanks Rich! You are the best!
Rich and I have been married for almost 7 years now and man, the time has really flown! It has been a wonderful 7 years, with quite a few adventures and I wouldn't change a minute of it. I love Rich more now then I have ever loved and just expect the love to keep growing. He is an amazing man, husband and father. I love you babe! Happy Valentines Day!